Walking in the Guangming New District - Time Valley (光明新区时间谷) in Shenzhen, a huge clock integrated with the architecture and inspired by the world-famous painting "The Persistence of Memory" reminds visitors that they are in the "Clock Capital of China", where Shenzhen and even the Chinese watch industry The most central gathering place.


The output of watches from Shenzhen city accounts for 42 percent of the world's total and 53 percent of the country's total, statistics showed.

The city has been hailed as the "watch and clock capital of China." The country's output of watches makes up 80 percent of the world's total.

Shenzhen’s robust watch and clock industry represents the highest level of watch and clock manufacturing in China.

Industrial clustering is crucial for the success of Shenzhen's watch and clock industry. According to statistics, over 95 percent of parts for watches produced in the city are manufactured locally. Shenzhen has established a complete industrial chain for its watch and clock industry.

So far, Shenzhen has developed over 200 watch and clock brands, including SUGESS.

Sugess & ShenZhen

Starting in 2010,  Sugess Timepiece Development Company started selling wristwatches under the brand name Sugess at Shenzhen. The main goal being to introduce the art of mechanical watch making to the general consumer. 

At the same time, Sugess has produced many major world brand watches about their OEM order, such as Solvil et Titus, BARBIE, NBA and VERSAILLES. ..


And In order to let customer have good experience of mechanical watches with direct communication, Sugess timepiece development company decides to let established Team of Global sell called "Horomaster Group"
Under this Group, Sugess have 4 brands that are
1) Sugess
2) Seestern
3) Seakors