Craftsmanship of Sugess



Every Thing is base on one pen, one  paper, with the love and emotion from our watch designer, they are great artist made famous design, such as MoonPhase Master...




Our watch movement is provide by genuine famous Asia brand, they are China Seagull Tianjin, Japan Miyato and Seiko.
Our watchmaker have power up these movement before assemble, such we attach swan neck on the ST1908 let it become heritage and more classical,
All movement has been tuned by replacing parts with higher performance pieces.
And we will let the sec accuracy hold on +/-20 sec/per days before install the watch by the First Time Different tune up (We will test again after we install the movement of the watch)





The dials are flat, bevelled or domed disks, positioned on the mainplate with feet. The dial surface is covered with layers of varnish. The hour indications and the other functions such as date, power reserve etc., are applied using transfers. This technique is also used to make day/night and moon phase disks etc.,


Case Machining and Polishing


The need for extreme precision here incites man to entrust the fruit of his work to the machine. Parts in different materials are first stamped, then turned, milled and rectified. Drilled, shaped by grinding and lapping, then prepared for finishing operations. The minutiae of deburring as well as the pre-mounting require such delicacy that extreme manual dexterity is key.
And we take mirror polished or hair polished let it more brightness.




The casing up must be done in silence in an absolutely clean environment. All outsiders are categorically forbidden to enter this sanctuary with its positive pressure atmosphere. The calibre is placed in the case; dial and hands are delicately fitted; tweezers and screwdrivers sit alongside the casing cushion where the case rests on. After this step, the watches will shut away the secrets of their fine workmanship forever.


Second QC process


Once assembled, the watch goes through a large number of tests and checks that Sugess imposes on its timepieces.