Where to buy an SUGESS product ?

You can find a list of SUGESS authorised retailers here.

If our online shop is available in your country, you can also purchase a range of products through the SUGESS website.

How to be sure of buying an authentic SUGESS watch?

Counterfeit products are often offered on unreliable websites. SUGESS watches purchased from unauthorised sources might be damaged or counterfeited and may not benefit from a warranty. Therefore, you should only buy an SUGESS watch from SUGESS authorised retailer. If available in your country, our online shop is also a secured purchase channel.

Authentic SUGESS timepieces are supplied with a warranty card.

What is the warranty period and what does it cover?

Sugess warrants that products are free of defects in both materials and workmanship for 12 Months from ORDER RECEIVE DATE (Purchase from internet) or PURCHASE DATE (Purchase from retail shop) .And we have 9 Countries Return Hub Point for customer return for take warranty.

FROM 1 JAN 2023, ALL Sugess, SEA-KORS & Seestern Watches NOT NEED TAKE REGISTER PROCESS and the warranty is automatic Valid from Purchase Date at any platform.

Where can I track my order if I purchase?

If you purchase at www.sugessofficial.com , we will send an email when the order take departure scan, and please visit www.parcelsapp.com for track, thank you