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Sugess & Art


A true masterpiece of Sugess’s watchmaking expertise, tourbillon watch that completely counteracts the effects of the Earth’s gravity from any position, guaranteeing the timekeeping precision. The tourbillon has revealed itself to be as technically efficient as it is visually fascinating.


History of Tourbillon

The Earth's gravity can have a negative effect on a watch’s precision. Since the end of the 18th century, the tourbillon watch mechanism has enabled watchmakers to eliminate these effects, creating more accurate timepieces. The tourbillon is a complication that eradicates inaccuracies due to positional errors in timekeeping. In a tourbillon, the escapement and balance wheel are mounted in a rotating cage, resulting in the negation of gravity when the luxury watch is motionless in certain positions. By continuously rotating the entire complication at a rate of typically one revolution per minute, the tourbillon watch eliminates positional errors and ensures accuracy.


Seagull Tourbillon


Marvel at the intricate dance of Seagull's tourbillon timepieces. Mechanical magic in motion, with cages spinning effortlessly in a mesmerizing waltz. Impossibly complex tourbillons handcrafted by artisans to perfection. Every graceful rotation a tribute to watchmaking's highest art form. Seagull masters an exceptional feat - tourbillons accessible for watch enthusiasts at every level. No longer confined to the realm of elite collectors, here is your chance to experience haute horology's hypnotizing wonder. Time elevated to an art form on your wrist. Seagull tourbillons, a new perspective on watchmaking mastery.


Sugess & SEA-GULL


From 2010, SEA-GULL is Sugess Movement provider and Businesss partner, In aim, SEA-GULL provide movement for Sugess for production mechanical watches for build up Famous Geater Chinese watch brands.